Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lazy Blogger!!!

So it is no secret that I have not been blogging! Its just so easy to do nothing...I should have posted this two weeks ago but here we go for all my avid readers out there!
Last Saturday was my 232nd birthday. No I'm not that old but it was the 232 Marine Corps birthday!
I had class from 9-2pm and then I met Nessa at the outlets so she could exchange a jacket at the puma store. After that it was off to point loma to get our massages. Our appointments were at 4pm and we got there with about 5 minutes to spare. Filled out the paperwork and waited for our masseuses (sp?) I thought I was gonna get some hideous female version of me, instead I got a decent looking girl probably mid thirties....so I get into the room and she leaves so I could undress. She came back in and began going to work. Somewhere in between the first time her hands touched me and when she told me to turn over, I lost conciousness! The massage felt good! She even did my face! Ok so then Nessa came out from her massage and informed me that she knew I was done because she could here me coughing down the hallway! we left the massage parlor after denying their package deals and dodging one of the receptionists questioning me about how intense it must be to be a 911 dispatcher and headed south to spruce street! Why? Well duh to walk across the spruce street suspension foot bridge. Its pretty historic to san diego and I have no clue as to why. I just thought it would be cool to walk across! As you see, the lovely Vanessa at the entrance to the bridge and some of its parts! So we walked it and walked back. On the way back across, some guy came flying past on his bike! Keep in mind, the width of the planks that u are walking on is barely 3 feet! After the bridge we went to 7-11 to get hot chocolates and a king size snickers. While on our way to mount soledad (a viewpoint that over looks san diego) we devoured the snickers! It was tough to find our way thru the hills but we made it. There were a few couples present and we even saw a few steamy windows! There was also two couples that came in a limo and the two guys would not shut up and were talking extremely loud and I have no idea about what. The view was amazing and no I don't have a pic but trust me it was breathtaking. If you ever have a chance check it out! We stayed for awhile and talked and walked around. Near the top of was a wall that had the faces of veterans that were kia (killed in action) in past wars and conflicts. It was very cool. We then made our way down the mount and back on to the freeway to pick my car up and get some dinner! Nessa got hungry and needed a snack before dinner so she had a protein shake while I drove. Once we picked my car up from the outlets, went to lotus thai bistro in carlsbad (one of my personal faves)
I had spicy chicken noodles and veggie tempura. Nessa had some lemongrass soup that was outstanding along with some pineapple fried rice with chicken! After the yummy meal, we went in search of carls bar which I thought was right next door to the primo market in Vista...it was nowhere to be found. I wanted to have a drink to celebrate my birthday. Well I found out from the security guard @ primo that carls had closed down over a year ago! Back to san clemente for us! During the ride back, we made a quick stop at the rest stop in between the camp pendleton front gate and pulgas gate. After breaktime we headed to "downtown" san clemente so I could have my drink in celebration of my b-day. We went to goodys first and it was "not my scene" loud live band and packed pretty much wall to wall so we made our way across the street. I had a double hennesy and Nessa had a wet pussy shot. The girl looked about as lost as a fag in a whorehouse and it tool her about 6 minutes just to consult with the other bartender to figure out how to make the drink. So while we are enjoying our drinks, some clown by the name of chris decides to put his arm around us and invite us to his house for a hash party. He began giving us his alcohol induced dissertation on being happy and loving life. Seemed like a pretty cool dude that was extremely inebriated...I can understand though..he told us he only had one day off a week and he used it to party hard! Life is short they say! Hell no we didn't go to his house. We finished our drinks and made our way back to my place. We had our own party to attend. Plus this guys roommate looked like a neo nazi doped up on something I wanted no part of. Now that I think about it that's a short play by play of busy day 2 weeks ago. Just off memory alone!
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Four ways from Yesterday!

Connect four! A milton Bradley game introduced in 1974. If you are reading this and you dont know how to play or have never heard of the game, google it. Im far too lazy right now to explain. The point is yesterday Nessa picked up some bored games for us to play and this was one of them. So Im thinking this should be real fun. I havent played this game in about 2 decades. The long and the short of this post is that out of 9 games I won ZERO! How sad is that? I couldnt win to save my life. I used to be a wiz at this game. I took my beating like a man but couldnt for the life of me remember any of my strategies from yester year. All the while Nessa was telling me I should change from red to black, or I should go first. Of course I refused. But I now know what she knows. Find out how to strategize like a connect four master here!

Where Have I been?

Obviously, I have not been blogging. Lately I have been in relax mode to the fullest which means no working out and eating like a refugee. I will give a brief run down of what I have been up to and throw in a few random thoughts and facts:

Saturday Night was Cirque de soleil. We witnessed amazing feats that included little people, tight rope walkers, hula hoop jugglers, and men wearing tight pants with no shirts doing flips. This show was really entertaining to say the least and probably more so because I havent been to a circus in about 23 years. The show was at the Forum in Inglewood. We had a great trip from OC to LA. a little bit of traffic here and there and a quick detour so because Nessa needed a snack!

Afterwards, we made our way to Gindi Thai in Burbank for a delightful meal consisted of corn fritters, chicken drunken noodles, and pineapple fried rice. The meal was great and the service was pleasant. Actually a little over pleasant....I have never been asked if anything was ok so many times. http://www.gindithai.com/

After Cirque de soleil, We headed to Roscoes Chicken and Waffles in L.A. I ordered (Pico and La Brea) I ordered my usual...2 chicken sausage, scrambled egg whites and a waffle without butter and a sunrise (freshly squeezed orange juice with lemonade) Nessa Had a Fried chicken breast and a waffle. It was her first time their so she had to taste the fried chicken! After that, we gobbled down a cold slice of sweet potato pie!

The ride back was not long at all especially with me behind the wheel. it took about 35-40 minutes if that!

Random Facts and thoughts:

Yonkers is the 4th Largest city in NY

I have been to the Equator

There are 10 human body parts that are only 3 letters long (eye hip arm leg ear toe jaw rib lip gum).

Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards.

You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching TV.

The roar that we hear when we place a seashell next to our ear is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in the ear. Any cup-shaped object placed over the ear produces the same effect.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So I have been away for a minute...

I have been feeling a little ill over the past 3 days. I have had an extremely heavy cough followed by bouts of mucous spitting and a really sore throat. On the first day I was nurtured by my kitty kat who gave me tea with honey which went down real smooth. Of course you must be wondering if I went to work on either of these 2 days and the answer is...NOPE. I called in sick Sunday and Monday and I must say it felt great to just relax. Now being "sick" or "dis"eased is not ever a good time and Im not the type to lay in bed all day so I spent monday pretending to do school work, and straightening up, downloading music, and watching Law and Order season one. Went back to work yesterday and everyone was doing the usual, "are you ok?" which to me is really like, "were you really sick?" Anyway, Yesterday was a slow, slow day. Filled with minimal phone calls and a lame workout on my break due to a lack of motivation on my part. After work, I met up with Nessa at the gym where we did some basic exercises, and sat in the steam room for about 20 minutes. Then it was home and off to bed after some late night post-workout snacks and chit chat.
I almost forgot about Saturday night we went to Bubba Gumps in Long beach and it was pretty good. I definitley enjoyed the sampler and the tempura. service was pretty quick too. After dinner, we were off to Cal State Long Beach to watch the shaolin monks. The show was honestly fantastic. These guys were swift like the wind and showcased some of the finest warrior showmanship I have ever seen. I was extremely captivated especially at the young monks in action who competed each move with practically excellent form! then there was a part where the monks invited some of the younger audience members on stage and showed them some moves. Out of nowhere, one of the boys executing the moves yells out, "soy sauce!" the crowd including myself exploded with laughter. It was a great night all in all! Anyway...today has been long and drawn out and im ready to go. Today Archie and I completed our second rendition of the 300 workout. 25 pull ups, 25 reps bench press w/ 185 lbs, 25 hanging knee raises, 50 walking lunges w/ 45 lbs dumbells in each arm 9thats 25 lunges per leg) 25 reps of seated military press, 25 reps reverse grip bench press w/ 135 lbs, 50 body weight squats, 50 4 count flutter kicks, and 25 deadlifts w/ 135 lbs. finish time:18:53...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Just woke up about 2 hours ago. I don't even remember what time I fell asleep. Last I remember is filing some papers and then laying back in my bed....anyway, yesterday I made it down to camp pemdleton to take my marketing management final @ park university. For some reason, I wasn't even nervous although I had not studied for it that much. Needless to say the exam was pretty much a breeze. I'm sure I didn't ace it but I know I passed. Afterwords, I tool the time out to visit a few old faces from my USMC past. The first was Chief Warrant officer Jerry Knight. He was my platoon commander when I checked into 1st Marine Division communications company. We chatted for a few. He even brought up my old nickname "jumbo jet" when prompted by another marine as to why he called me this, he said, "shit! That's a big boy coming in for a hard landing." I was a little bigger back then. He informed me he was retiring in may 2008 and looking forward to it. We concluded our convo and then I was off to G-6 to see one of the men that made me a marine....My senior drill instructor, Master Sergeant Tommie Hanks. As soon as I got into his office, he looks up as if he was so busy and says, "what the fuck do you want?" I replied with hearty laughter and told him I was just stopping by to see what's up. He told me he was pissed at me for getting out and what not. We actually talked for awhile and covered numerous topics to include: me being a 911 dispatcher, his divorce, orange county's african american population, his retirement plans, and a few boot camp stories. All in all it was a great visit. He gave me his number in case I needed anything and I was on my merry way. I decided to get gas while on base and while I was at the pump, my boy Shalo rolled up right behind me. I haven't really spoke to him in a few months. So we took the time out to catch up. He gave me some insight on new music that I have yet to hear. We were talking for so long, we didn't realize people were behind us waiting to get gas. So we pulled into the dominos pizza parking lot on mainside and proceeded with our convo. He invited me to pt with his platoon any day I wanted. We got to talking about cadences and got our selves so motivated that the next thing I know, we were driving over to the pull up bars to get a few sets in. Then we did some push ups and dips. I let him know that I would be in the area for the next 2 months for school and we would definitley get a chance to get together. After that I took off and made my way to get some nourishment and then home to straighten up. Random quote said by Lee Haney...."You can't eat like a bird and train like a horse!"
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Monday, October 08, 2007

Saturday morning we got up early and while Nessa showered I whipped up some breakfast burritos...we left about 6:45 am enroute to the Marine Corps reruit depot in San Diego. While driving down the freeway at about 80mph (standard california speed) I pulled up alongside a san diego city police officer. As we drove past him, he proceeded to get behind me and ride my ass for about a 1/2 mile. He then pulls up alongside of me and screams out his window "65 not 85!" At this point, I am lost because I was going the same speed as him...ANYWAY. As we exited the freeway, and got close to the depot, I could already sense the motivation in my body. It was rumbling. This was my first trip back to the depot in a few years. Althoug it is not the depot where I was "born" it was still the depot. The place was packed. Marathon runners, triathletes, Marines, spectators, high school track teams! You name it, and they were there. I had no idea the turnout was going to be so enormous! So we parked and met up with Mr. W and Cindy! It was good to put faces to names and meet Nessa's friends! They were both cool. Tim informed me that he had gotten out of he Corps in 1984. Yes that's 21 years before I got out but still as they say, "once a marine always a marine."
We walked around and got our gift bags and dog tags and such when we spotted the pull up bar. Some recruiters were offering us civilians the challenge of either men doing 20 dead hang pullups or women doing the flex arm hang for 70 seconds. If this was completed, the lucky person received a free "pain is weakness leaving the body" t-shirt. Nessa convinced me to "win" her a t-shirt which I thought would be no difficult task since 20 pullups is my norm. 19 3/4 pull ups later, I felt that perhaps I had lost my edge. All eyes were on me and, I didn't meet the standard. I did not get down on myself, I just mentally prepped for the race. At 8:45, as the individual males entered the chute...there was a drill instructor barking out orders and prompting the crowd! I didn't feel the need to respond at all. Finally, we took off. It was so crowded, I must have chopped my steps for about an eighth of a mile. The first mile was a bit boring but I managed to keep a decent pace...then we got to the obstacles!!!! I then immediately thought It was 1998 and I was back in boot camp. I attacked every obstacle like a killer! I even made time to elbow the shit out of the dummies used for bayonnet training that everybody else seemed to run by. I was fairly quiet the whole race, until I saw a few marines that I recognized that are now drill instructors! Also the sound of motivating cadence blared over the P.A. System and that's when I knew I wouldn't slow down or stop running! I did however manage to see a few guys that looked like they were dying! I thought to myself silently, "you are not a warrior" anyway my overall time was 26:02. Mr. W came in @ 25:25. Great job by the way! Afterwards Tim and I sat in the shade and talked about the corps, current and past pay rates, the race, and waited patiently for the girls...they showed up around the 30-31 minute mark. They looked a little flustered but still of sound mind and body! So off to our cars we went so Mr. W and Cindy could change and Nessa could get her ATM card to pick up a tanktop. At some point, I felt compelled to make my way back to the pull up bars and win her a T-shirt! The line was long and Nessa even held my spot while I caught up with a few of the drill instructors that I had recognized. Once I got back and it was my turn, I mounted the bar and attacked it with vigor and determination! (the twenty pull-ups came easy as I thought they should have the first time and Nessa got her t-shirt. Overall the day was great. After the race Nessa and I walked to the command museum which is where the pics are from. I have lived in a 2-man tent on numerous deployments. Brought back a few memories I must say. Can't wait until next year!

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Taking care of my feet!

Me and jayla are at "the nail shop" as you can see I'm getting a pedicure. Anyone who has seen my feet know I need this treatment! Meanwhile the grey goose (my silver jeep) is getting an oil change. I finally started cleaning my apt and rearranging a few things and should be finished by the time jayla gets picked up this evening!
I was thinking about communicating since its what I do at work and a thought ran across my mind...why is it hard to communicate with certain people sometimes. Its no secret that me and jaylas mother can get into a disagreement in a heartbeat. But why? For the past 4 months there has been no tension whatsoever. I was actually surpised then when I picked jayla up on wednesday, we got into a minor disagreement. Basically over our differences of opinion. I left feeling extremely angry and confused. Long story short, we spoke on the phone and ironed everything out like adults. The call even ended with a few laughs!!! My point is sometimes communicating is easy and sometimes it aint! (Insert quote) "choose your words carefully" why? Because you never know how the other person is going to take it! More omportantly choose the way you say those words carefully because it might be the greatest thing in the world about to be said, but if it sounds like shit then that's how it will be taken. ( I am at the point in my pedicure where they scrub the bottom of your feet with what looks like a soft brick. Problem is I am ticklish and this causes me to squirm like a twisted bitch! This is my least favorite part) back to communication, sometimes I get a little nervous to say things...like telling someone you love them for the first time! Who did I tell? Why was I nervous? I was nervous because, I had no idea what she would say back...what if she thought I was crazy? What if she said "you need to chill!" Well for my ego sake she said it back and even said yes to being my girlfriend! Its a great feeling! Thank you Vanessa...I am making this entry via my "crackberry" and I feel like I have been typing forever! My fingers hurt and if you are reading this you may be getting bored. Jayla is finishing off her ritz crackers and the lady doing my feet is cracking my toes wih some hot towels as well as caressing my calves. I gotta go!
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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Thats how long it took me to complete our modifed 300 workout. It was grueling. The deadlifts, the bench press, and the curls were by far the most difficult for me. I felt like I was gonna die. Seriously though, Im gonna do it again and again...maybe ill get my time down to 10 minutes....
My workday is almost over and my brain is racked. Good news is, im going to get jayla who Im sure is going to fill my next two days with laughter. In case anyone cares, the jogger stroller is fully functional again so Jayla and I are once again fully mobile.
I was informed today that I insulted someone near and dear to my heart. It made me feel like a little upset. then I found out it was based on a slight miscommunication. Either way, it is now rectified and I feel much better. 10 minutes left at work then im off to pick up Jayla. I will also be consulting my personal therapist and best friend Lyphe. be back tomorrow!
At Random

I was late to work today! Probably my least favorite thing in the world. I did, however sleep like a baby while cuddling next to a certain feline! I do have to write a memo at my job but thats neither here nor there. Right now I should be studying for my marketing management class but im not. I took a break to update the blog. Nothing much is really going on and today has been a slow day. One of my coworkers proposed a modified version the the 300 workout. (google it! Im too lazy to link it) I told him I am gonna do it on my 30 minute break:

25 pushups
50 bench press (135 lbs)
50 deadlifts (135 lbs)
50 EZ bar curls (75 lbs)
50 body weight squats
50 windshield wipers
25 T-bar rows (with 3 45 lbs plates)

Sounds like alot but its just the motivation I needed to kickstart my current laziness. So thats what Im doing in about 2 hours. work is catching up with me....be back later
**UPDATE** Archie completed the workout in 17 minutes and 50 seconds...in about 20 minutes I will be out trying to complete this grueling set of exercises. Archie said, and I quote "I wanted to throw up!" Just the punishment I need for those 2 big ass donuts I ate yesterday!